HeadshotHow did Artie Egendorf discover “Energy’s Way”?  Like all who’ve traveled the low, hard road, with intermittent high points, Arthur – Artie Egendorf, took the long way around.  You won’t have to follow that route, unless you’re also a charter member of the tough nut club.

What were the instructions I followed?  Here are a few: Artie Egendorf, you are to begin with having enough horror crash in on your life that afterwards survival no longer belongs to you.  Vietnam.

Artie Egendorf, the light-hearted name from before the war, fell way.  The heavy Arthur Egendorf took over.  And so did some new clarity.  I’d be spending the rest of this life learning how to be human, giving a hand to one person at a time until the day I was in shape enough to aid many more.

Next, “Artie, you’ve got no choice but to go all out!”   So, Arthur Egendorf got a doctorate in clinical psychology, and on the side persuaded the National Council of Churches then the U.S. Congress to back a national study of the war’s impact on his fellow ex-soldiers.


The research team Arthur Egendorf had organized got the results on every desk in the Senate and Congress so that Outreach to Vietnam veterans became the only social program extended in the first months of the Reagan Administration.

Conclusions from “the Egendorf study” hit the front page of the New York Times, the Washinton Post, the Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, and interviews both in People Magazine and with Larry King Live.

Then, Arthur Egendorf spent four years writing everything he knew into a book, “Healing from the War.”   Critically, that work did well.  The Christopher Association recognized it as deserving notice in the New York Times for “affirming the highest human values.”

Once that was done, Arthur Egendorf went to raise three children thinking that he’d closed a chapter.

Time passed.  Three children reached their teens.  And then Bush invades Iraq and Afghanistan.  Without realizing what hit him, Arthur Egendorf who marked the new century by calling himself Artie again in hopes of lightening up, began showing signs of severe stress.

Just as it was coming back from the war the first time.  Sleep got worse.  Sudden outbursts.  Moods got heavy, along with the sudden unexmplained tears that plagued his early years after coming back.

People in his suburban neighborhood chalked it up to midlife crisis.  He was slow to make the connections himself, only he soon realized that he belonged elsewhere, doing other things.  So he left the suburbs and a 25 year relationship, became the non-custodial parent, and began looking for new ways to heal.

He went back to basics, seeking support from groups known to insiders as “friends of Dr. Bob and Bill W.”  Then, to get in physical shape, he went for certification as a personal trainer, ramping up an already 30 year practice of yoga, meditation, prayer, than ever before.  Then, as the classic phrase goes, the student was ready and a teacher appeared — in the form of Pranic Healing, an updating of the ancient energy healing arts from around the world in a streamlined, carefully tested synthesis by chemical engineer and energy master Choa Kok Sui.  Artie took every course and received certification in 2010.

Restless to find ways to aid people in becoming more receptive to healing energies, Artie began experimenting.  Among the ways he tried was an approach learned decades before taught by Moshe Feldenkrais, in perhaps the subtlest discipline for using awareness to awaken graceful movement.  Artie found that many ways to intervene can help people open more.

In fact, all good work seems to improve people’s energy or at least receptivity to it.  But nothing seemed as simple, deeply caring, unforced and direct as the Feldenkrais approach.  So Artie sought professional training with Feldenkrais’s foremost students including Jeff Haller, David Berson and Anat Baniel.

A year into that intensive training Artie got up from devotions one morning and noticed he wasn’t just moving.  His body was dancing, on its own.  Checking for whether more energy came that way he was astonished to find a vast stream.

His curiousity through the roof, he quickly tried hundreds of ways to experiment, explore, and test the courtship of moving, energy, and using prayer, vocalized sound, meditation all in combination, with himself and scores of others.

Before long came the full emergence of “Energy’s Way” — a new fusion that dramatically upgrades the great paths to the highest energies.

Artie Egendorf now teaches ways for people to carry out these moves of Enregy’s Way, in body, mind, soul and spirit.  Using the ability taught in Pranic Healing to read energy with hands, he keeps corroborating the astounding impact of Energy’s Way on people’s energy in as little as a few minutes.

People who practice regularly grow energetically at such a pace that their RATE of growth increases every time they do the practice diligently.

Yes, I love fellow war vets.  Hopefully, many will find their way here and to Energy’s Way, especially now with the growing acceptance of meditation and yoga as ways to reduce stress.  Ultimately, this work belongs to  veterans of life.  Everyone.

Each fellow human deserves to look forward to arising every new day, with an effortless way to ease the body, clear the mind and send the spirit soaring.

Let’s dream together.  Before long Energy’s will rank as essential personal care along with washing hands and brushing teeth.  Teachers won’t start class until everyone has done a few wondrously clarifying, grounding, care inducing minutes of this practice.

And when that day comes, we’ll be making strides on our collective way to creating the only true antidote to a war torn world, a global culture of caring for life.

Thanks to all The Great Ones and Unpronounceable Mystery for these gifts of life, its challenges and ways to serve.